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Studio Policies and Registration

Registration fee

$35 per dancer

This fee can be paid under our "Parent Portal" tab!


Tuition is calculated on an annual basis, with the parent/guardian choosing whether to pay annually, quarterly, or monthly.  Fused Dance Center does NOT take off for the summer. If your child will not be dancing over the summer, then you may elect to pay your tuition annually or in ten pro-rated payments rather than twelve.  You may not choose to pay in 12 installments if your child is not going to be dancing year-round.  

Please note that if you elect to pay your total tuition over twelve installments and your child does not dance year-round, you are still responsible to pay the total annual tuition shown on our tuition schedule.  All accounts must be in good standing with a zero balance before we will allow a dancer to re-enroll next season.

As all tuition is calculated on an annual basis; we do not pro-rate for any reason.  However, we will have additional practices leading up to recital, a performance, or competition that you will not be charged for. 

Should you elect to pay your tuition in monthly installments, then those payments are due on the 25th of each month in advance of the following month’s classes.  We utilize auto draft/debit for all tuition payments.  Please complete our auto draft form, found at the studio, and return it to the front desk. 

We require a 30 day notice should you want to discontinue classes with us. You cannot quit within 60 days of recital or a competition (if you're a competitive dancer with us).

Tuition can be paid under our "Parent Portal" tab.

Private Lessons

Solo Lesson: $45 per hour

Duo/Duet Lesson: $25 per dancer per hour

If you need to cancel a private lesson, please do so 24 hours in advance.

Private lessons are not refunded if they are forgotten or canceled the day of. 

Choreography Fees

These fees are for solo or duo dancers who want to perform a number at recital or at a competition. This fee covers music editing and the instructor's choreography time outside of the studio. This fee is due 2 months after the 1st private lesson is booked.


Choreographed Solo: $95

Duo/Duet: $60 per dancer ($120 total) 

Freestyle Solo (Clogging): $25 

Short Duo/Duet: $20 per dancer ($40 total)

Closures Due to Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather, the studio will follow Hall County School System's closings, unless otherwise specified. If you are unsure of canceled classes due to ice or snow, you can check our Facebook page, your email, or you can call Lisa at 678.983.1620


Dress Code

Students in ALL classes are required to wear specific attire and shoes to class. Click the link below to see a detailed list of what is required. All of the required items are available to purchase through the studio for your convenience!

Class Placement

A student's age is a basic guideline for class placement. Often times, other qualities are put into consideration such as: strength, maturity level, enthusiasm, focus level and technique. It is not uncommon for dancers to stay in the same level class for 2-3 years. We appreciate you for trusting our professional decisions and for understanding that we have your dancer's best interest in mind.


Student Behavior & Policies

 Only water is allowed in the studio. No gum, candy, food, or soda should be taken into the studio room. Parents are allowed in the studio room when invited in by the instructor or studio owner. Students should not enter the studio more than 15 minutes prior to their class time and should also be picked up promptly after class. Consistent attendance and effort is very important for the best results and benefits.

Recital Fees
This fee covers the cost of our venue, trophies, staff, music license, lunch, snacks, and water the day of recital, insurance for the event, and a recital t-shirt. ($90) Recital is highly encouraged for all dancers who enroll at Fused Dance Center (adult dancers excluded). If Recital Fees are not paid, you will forfeit you or your dancer's spot in recital. All other fees paid will not be refunded. You must tell us by January 30th if you or your dancer will be participating. 


Recital Commitments
There will be two studio-wide rehearsals to prepare for our annual recital.

-- Tuesday, May 31st from 5-7:30pm

-- Friday, June 3rd from 5-7:30pm


3908 Friendship Rd, Buford, GA 30519

No costumes or stage hair/makeup are needed for these rehearsals.

We will take recital pictures the day of recital.

Recital Costumes
Each dancer will have one costume per class. We try our best to keep costumes affordable. They will range from $40-$70 per costume and your dancer will wear it in the recital and in some performances throughout the season. 

Recital Dates:

May 30, 2022 | CLOSED for Memorial Day

May 31, 2022 | All performers will have a recital rehearsal from 5-7:30pm at our recital venue, the address can be found above.

June 4th, 2022 | Recital! More details will be announced as we get closer to the event.


Studio Closing Dates for 2022 *subject to change*

Unfortunately, we are at the mercy of our community center where we have class.

If they are closed, we will have to be closed and we may not have very much notice.

IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA FOR UPDATES ON CLOSURES. We do not always have time to email everyone. It will always be posted on our instagram and our facebook.


December 18, 2021-January 5, 2022 | Christmas break

February 14, 2022 | Valentine's Day

April 4-9, 2022 | Spring break

May 30, 2022 | Memorial Day

June 6-11, 2022 | Summer break




Please read this agreement before signing registration forms.  This pertains to the potential for exposure to and infection from the Covid-19 virus that may be present in or around Fused Dance Center. 


We have very strict and thorough social distancing and sanitation practices in place that are in accordance with the CDC.  Please review the following with your dancer and inform him/her that these guidelines will remain in effect until further notice and that all students are expected to adhere to them at all times. 


1. The studio is regularly and thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

2. We sanitize the classrooms between each class.

3. Our students are assigned seats in the common areas and spots on the dance floor to assure proper distancing.

4. Everyone is required to remain at least six feet apart at all times.

5. We have hand sanitizer inside of the classroom and each dancer is required to use it.

6. If anyone is sick, they must stay home!


It is important to note that, regardless of our strict protocols, there are no guarantees that your dancer will not become infected, and these protocols are in no way intended to create an assurance of safety from contracting Covid-19.  Owners and directors make no representations, guaranties, covenants or warranties about the safety of your dancer while a student at our studio. By signing this agreement in our registration forms you are acknowledging and agreeing that neither the owners, directors, teachers, or student teachers have made any verbal or written assurances regarding risk from exposure to or contraction of Covid-19.


Parent/Guardian agrees to inform the staff at Fused Dance Center immediately if a dancer comes into direct contact with, exhibits symptoms of, or tests positive for Covid-19.  However, failure of the owners and staff of Fused Dance Center to give notice of knowledge of or reports of instances of Covid-19  does not create liability.  Instances of Covid-19 may not be known to the owners or staff of Fused Dance Center and may unknowable due to medical privacy considerations as well as asymptomatic carriers.


Owners, directors, teachers and student teachers have no liability from exposure to or contraction of Covid-19 due to attendance in regular classes, competitions, recitals, performances, practices, class parties, or any other function or activity arising from enrollment at Fused Dance Center.  


You agree to indemnify and hold harmless the owners, directors, teachers and student teachers of Fused Dance Center from any and all claims, losses, personal injuries, property loss, or damages to your family that may arise from enrollment in regular classes, practices, attendance at competitions, performances, class parties, or any other function or activity in which you and your dancer may participate. 

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